One Cent Likes

One Cent Likes

“I will tell you how I got 12,157 new fans in a single week for $0.005758 each…”

one cent likes

“And ways in which I Consistently Siphon Fans to Any Page I’d like!

3,074 New Fans for $10…that’s $0.00325309 Per Fan

998 New Fans for $10…that’s $0.01002004 Per Fan

1,714 New Fans for $10…that’s $0.00583431 Per Fan


One Cent Likes Reveals The 4-Step Process ANYONE Will use to Create Facebook Campaigns That Sop up Thousands of Fans For Pennies!”

Proof of the pudding…


You can’t make a sale with no audience.

But what will you attract 1000s of prospective buyers into your content and purchases funnels without bloodying your knuckles in SEO, bruising your wallet with media buys, or blistering your fingers with endless marketing with articles, forum spamming, or all the other “gamey tactics” being peddled these days?

Dear Fellow Warrior,
Bill Guthrie here, and that i’m visiting keep this short and sweet.

If Facebook has changed the best way people connect and exactly how marketers connect with people, One Cent Likes  will changed your life.

According to Nielsen, 135,720,000 US consumers used Facebook in May 2013, to have an average of 6 hours 28 minutes.

I don’t know about you, but I like those numbers. That’s 882,180,000 hours monthly I can teach my ads to those! (And that’s only the U.S. users…roll that out to the over 1 billion worldwide Facebook users, and the opportunities are only plain ridiculously amazing!)

Listen, building niche-based Facebook Pages is simply smart business! They’re simple to create and observe after; they’ve created SOCIAL SIGNALS back to your site (which is actually the complete kind of data Google uses currently to position sites); just as soon as you have an AUDIENCE, you may point them wherever you want (for list building, offers, etc.) In a time when Google is head-hunting marketers and ranking sites does not have any rhyme or reason, you best use a cover generating traffic…for you’s no better manner in which pulling fans into your circle of influence!
I’ve poured everything I understand into running successful Facebook Like Campaigns into…


“One Cent Likes” is usually a 22-page PDF that can demonstrate ways to make your own successful Facebook campaigns, to create countless new fans for pennies around the dollar!

What we’ll Learn from One Cent Likes:

  •  Whatever you should be aware about Facebook users
  •  Ways to target your ideal audience…most marketers understand this wrong, you won’t again!
  •  The best attention-grabbers that hook your prospects
  •  My proven qualifiers which are the engine of my successful ads
  •  The exact words I use to obtain folks to pound so on button
  • I ncluding a a lot of open tips, tricks and resources that may place you in charge!


  • 2 Case Studies of My Newest Campaigns:

  • That’s right…I’m about to take you inside 2 of my active campaigns.

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With what you’ll learn in One Cent Likes + these 2 Real Life Case Studies, you’re sure to start kicking butt right away!

You’ll be aware of the actual ad that’s attracting new fans for any penny or less
You’ll begin to see the exact audience I’m targeting
Using what you’ll learn One Cent Likes + these 2 Actual Case Studies, you’re sure to start kicking but straight away!
You’re probably thinking that is gonna pinch you in the wallet. But I do believe this article is indeed critical to all marketers that I’m pricing this essential report as a whole NO BRAINER land.

You saw that right–but only until 11am EST!

Listen, I’ve a good reputation over-delivering in a very big way. It’s how I roll. I’ve bought too many products myself (for your bunch more) that made promises and delivered on none. That ain’t me.

I wish for you to adore my products. I want to keep receiving emails and testimonials that tell me the amount of value I’m bringing to the people’s lives. Why? Because the device motivates me and keep going! It makes me work even smarter (not harder) with each new solution I bring to the table!
Think you’re when camping?
Don’t Overlook the simplest Traffic Solution the internet Has Seen!

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